The mission of the This Is My Teacher Voice podcast is to showcase the voices of teachers in education. So, THANK YOU for sharing your voice and participating in an episode.



I'm really looking forward to collaborating with you!

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Check! If you are on this page, we can check this off the list! By now, we are probably already communicating through social media or email. 

Thank you again for being a part of this podcast!


We will need to set about an hour aside to meet and record our conversation for the episode. This will take place on-line and will be audio only. Bed head and pajamas are okay! No videos will be recorded.

I'm meeting with people in different time zones, and making sure that I don't double-book can be a doozy. If you don't mind, I'd greatly appreciate signing up for an interview time through this form here. For each time selected by one guest, that time slot will not show for another.


Through a shared Google Document, we can collaborate on establishing interview questions that can help guide you in telling the story that you want to share.


The goal is to host a casual episode that feels like a natural conversation. These notes help me to guide us from beginning to middle to end. 


So what do you need to participate in the recording?

  • Internet access and computer

  • Headset or ear buds (preferably with a built-in microphone as well)


Below are some common questions that I have had.

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What application will be used to record the episode?

I use Zencastr to conduct online podcast episodes with special guests. Within an hour before our session begins, I'll send a link to this space. When you click the space, you'll be prompted to add your name. (First name only is fine. Initials are fine, too.) Afterwards, you will be able to enter the space and we will be able to chat right away!

Will we be using video?

No. We will not be using video. Feel free to wear your comfiest pajamas and not comb your hair.

Will this be like a Q&A interview or casual chat?

The goal is to host a casual conversation. I want to help the guests of the show to tell their stories and lessons learned, so my contribution for each episode is largely behind the scenes. I review the episode notes that we compiled together to identify key talking points and compile questions that can naturally circle back to any of the key points during the show. My goal is to get us started, guide use through the bulk of the content (if needed), and lead us to a natural end of the conversation.

At times, I may be asking questions. At times, I may simply make comments. I want to stay sensitive to supporting your narrative, so, to answer this question, it's a little bit of both. But, heavily, leaning towards casual chat.

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