Oct 2020 Book Study: FREE Digital Journal

Tomorrow, we begin our book study for October 2020 on Martin Brandt's Between the Commas: Sentence Instruction that Builds Confident Writers (and Writing Teachers). I cannot praise this book enough as it's clear that Brandt not only embraces his role as an English teacher, but as a writer himself.

While this book is more applicable to middle and high school teachers, I would highly encourage elementary school teachers to read this as well. Inspired by his unique approach to teaching English, I can think of a couple strategies that I would have modified for my second grade classroom if I were still teaching.

In contrast to past book studies, I've decided to create all of the book study posts in advance and compile them into a digital journal. I'm a sucker for journals and stationary, extending this love to my children, and I've always wondered how I can add more value to these book studies for the members of The Educator's Book Club. So I thought I'd merge my passion for education with my love for stationary.

Tada! Here is the final product. This is a little thank you gift for being a part of this teaching community and being so encouraging of one another. In this journal, you will find...

  1. The reading schedule for the next three weeks of this study

  2. Daily entry pages with prefilled question and challenge posts

  3. Correlating blank, bulleted pages to be used however you like (Answer the questions and challenges or use it to take notes of the reading selection!)

  4. Additional Notes pages at the end of the journal

  5. Resources tab (bibliography)

I highly suggest using an app, such as Goodnotes, to truly enjoy this digital journal, however, you could use it as a PDF or simply to keep up with the reading schedule.

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