Monthly Newsletters and FB Lives!

In recent months, I've received a couple private messages and comments about clarification in The Educator's Book Club. Some people are wondering what book we are reading currently and others are missing the book studies altogether because it's not showing on their news feed.

Between the weekly podcast episodes and the monthly book studies with daily posts, there's just so much going on!

So, I've decided to start sending one email newsletter per month. In this newsletter, here is what you'll find.

• A recap on recent podcast episodes (with links)

• A review on the last book read (with link to book)

• An overview on upcoming book studies (with link to book)

I'll also include the reading schedule in this email for easy reference.

• Any exciting announcements about events or new features

In addition to monthly newsletters, I'm going to start hosting a Facebook Live video on Sundays at 9pm EST. I really love connecting with you all through these monthly professional development studies, so why not go live with it?! I'll recap on what we do briefly for all new members, show what book we are reading, dive into the last week discussion highlights, and just connect with you all! What did you implement? Have you noticed any changes in your classrooms? How has this week's reading selection inspired you? Etc!

Let's connect!

Sign up for the newsletter at !

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