I am so excited for the opportunity to animate your teacher voice!

I can't wait to get your audio

and get started!



Before we dive into the process below, you may not need this information and already are familiar with recording tools to record your voice. If so, skip all of this!


Basically, all I need to make an animated short is...

~ Clean and clear audio ~

~ In MP3 format ~

Upload your audio file to Google Drive, and share the file with



Just in case mp3 and clean audio mean very little to you, I've compiled some great tutorials below that can help break it down a bit more.

I hope to simplify this process for you as much as possible so you can get to the fun part of recording your story!

Image by Daniel Gaffey
Image by Adrienne Leonard
Microphone Sound Editing
Image by NeONBRAND
Image by rupixen
Image by BBH Singapore

Regardless of the type of program or computer used to record the audio, the general rules of thumb for clean audio are pretty consistent.

  1. Try to record in a room with lots of tapestry or fabric, such as a large closet or carpeted bedroom.

    Rooms full of large surfaces or tall ceilings cause a lot of echo and can distort the sound of your voice.


  2. Use a headset with built-in microphone to ensure the most clear sound.

    If you have expensive equipment, great! But you don't need it for this. Those white earbuds for your iPhone will work perfectly.

So, what type of computer will you be using?


Below is a tutorial on how to use a free voice recording software that probably is already installed on your computer.

This tutorial walks you through how to find the software in your computer, how to begin recording audio, and how to save it.



Below is a tutorial on how to use the Quicktime player application to record audio. This application is available on all Mac computers and is very simple to use. I use it often to make screen recordings or simple audio files.

This video should automatically begin playing at the 1:49 mark, which is when the tutorial begins.





This tutorial begins at the 0:50 mark showing how to upload and share the file.

At the point where you are able to share the file with a person's email, please use this email.

This will give me an email notification of the share AND automatically add it to my Google Drive for easy access.



I’m looking forward to hearing your audio recording!


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